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The story of our company started in the 1980s: in 1984, the jewellery enthusiast and self-made man Thomas Sabo set up his own jewellery company with its headquarters in the historical town on Lauf an der Pegnitz in Bavaria – and gave this enterprise his name. A company that was to stand for high-quality silver jewellery with a special design quality from the very outset.

Seemingly a concept that struck “gold”. Because retailers continued to order ever greater volumes with each passing trade fair. At the time, an unwritten law stated that silver jewellery was presented anonymously. The purchasers were only confronted with brand names in the form of trading brands at trade fairs – but consumers were not. Faced with this situation, Thomas Sabo successfully made the decision in the late-1980s to launch his own brand.

In the early 1990s, Thomas Sabo was able to secure the services of the designer Susanne Kölbli as the company’s Creative Director. With their fruitful cooperation, the two succeeded in winning over ever more jewellers and their respective customers for the THOMAS SABO brand. With an astonishing sensitivity for the material, love of detail and a sixth sense for design and trends, they both lent all subsequent collections their own unique style and gave the brand a distinctive face. In doing so, they created not only a completely new look – they also managed to establish an entirely new market segment.

Driven on by this continuing success story, the THOMAS SABO company decided, at the end of the 1990s, to set up its own retail outlets. In rapid succession, exclusive stores, shops-in-shops and sales agencies were established in many countries – throughout Europe, Asia and America.

A strong, internationally-recognised brand has developed from what was originally the secret preserve of fashion insiders.

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